David Gans with Jamorah.

Monday Aug 5 2019
8:00 PM - 8:00 PM


David Gans is an American musician, songwriter, and music journalist.
He hosts the Grateful Dead Hour on national sindicated radio as well as Tales from the Road on Sirius Grateful Dead Channel.
He is a guitarist, and is known for incisive, literate songwriting. He is also noted for his music loop work, often creating spontaneous compositions in performance.

This is the second visit to Smokey’s and comes to play with Jamorah on a Monday. ┬áCito and Russ from Charlotte’s oldest Grateful Dead Jam band “other people” join Rick Stapleton, Curtis Wingfield, and John Spurrier to back up David Gans doing some Grateful Dead favorites. If you are a dead head, this is not to be missed.